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B i o g r a p h y

Eugene Mishustin is a Russian born classically trained composer, arranger, and pianist. His parents, although not professional musicians, both had the deepest appreciation for music. His father played acoustic guitar and bass. His mother played accordion. They both were very good singers and often played and sang together. So literally from day one, Eugene was surrounded by music. 


He started composing at the age of four, and his formal music training began at the age of seven. He trained as a classical pianist. By the age of twelve, he was playing in local bands as a keyboardist. Around that time he also started producing electronic music. A few years later, he taught himself the saxophone and spent several years as the first alto sax in a local jazz band.  

By the time he graduated from high school, Eugene was known in his hometown as an accomplished musician. He was publicly recognized when he was asked to compose the official hymn of the city, Youzhno’uralsk, Russia.


Eugene continued his classical piano training at the Chaikovsky Music College in the provincial capital, Chelyabinsk. He earnestly wanted to become a pianist, spending many hours on the piano bench each day. But this passion for the piano was gradually eclipsed by his love of electronic music. While still in college, he began working in local studios as a composer, arranger, and producer, and his dreams of the conservatory began to fade.




Eugene graduated from college with honors, moved to Moscow, and found a job as a sound engineer. This success was short-lived, however, because his life unexpectedly took at 180 degree turn. Eugene met and married an American citizen, and together they moved to the United States where Eugene soon found a position as an arranger and producer for a composer in Virginia. During the next several years, he combined this job with teaching piano, giving recitals, and judging local, state, and international piano competitions. During that time, Eugene also developed a deep love and appreciation for film music. This eventually led him to the music production capital of his adopted country: Los Angeles. He applied and was accepted to University Of Southern California's Scoring for Motion Picture and Television program.


In the years since graduating from USC, Eugene has been and remains very busy, working as a composer and orchestrator for many Film and television productions iuncluding Disney, Warner Brothers, FOX, NBC, The Weinstein Company among others.


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