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Wakefield - Orchestrator
directed by Robin Swicord
The Shack - Composer, additional music
Directed by Stuart Hazeldine
Sophia Grace And Rosie Royal Adventure - Composer
Warner Bros.
Directed by Brian Levant
Little Savages - Composer
Directed by Paul Tomborello
Mr. Right - Orchestrator, Composer (additional music)
Directed by Paco Cabezas
The Best Of Me - Orchestrator, Composer (additional music)
Relativity Media
Directed by Michael Hoffman
Dear Eleanor - Orchestrator, Composer (additional music)
Directed by Kevin Connoly 
Baskara - The Return of Pinoccio - Composer

Court Of Consience - Orchestrator, Composer (additional music)
Directed by James Haven
Baggage Claim - Orchestrator, Composer (additional music)
FOX Searchlight
Directed by David E. Talbert
Escape From Planet Earth - Orchestrator, Composer (additional music)
The Weinstein Company
Directed by Cal Brukner
The Event - Composer (additional music)
American Dad - Orchestrator, score programmer
Tinkerbell And The Lost Treasure - Composer (additional music)
Tinkerbell And the Great Fairy Rescue - Orchestrator, score programmer
Tinker Bell - Composer (additional music)
In The Hills Of Delej - Composer
Indie Short
Kapisa - Composer
Indie Short
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